Whitchurch girl Lexi, 4, is a 'superhero' after saving her mum's life with phone call

Published date: 09 March 2017 |
Published by: Barrie White
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That’s how four-year-old Lexi Brookes has been described by her parents and teachers after the quick-witted youngster picked up a mobile phone to call her dad Chris after mum Lauren had collapsed.

Lauren Ritch had been recovering from a miscarriage and complained of being unwell before Chris left his home in Queensway to his shift at Grocontinental in Whitchurch on Friday, February 25.

The 30-year-old waited for Lauren to let him know how she was feeling. But when the phone rang, it was the unexpected voice of Lexi, who calmly told him “mummy is having a sleep on the floor” – prompting Chris to dash home.

Lexi Brookes and pictured with her dad Chris and mum Lauren

An ambulance was called and 24 hours later, Lauren – also 30 – was rushed into emergency surgery to have one of her fallopian tubes removed after it was discovered she had had an ectopic pregnancy.

Chris said: “Three weeks ago, Lauren had a miscarriage. We thought she had got back to normal.

“On that Friday, at 6.40am, I set off for work and she called me five minutes later to say she wasn’t feeling great. I heard nothing back and  texted her.

“The phone rang again and I heard Lexi say ‘hello daddy’. I asked her where mummy was and she said she was lying on the floor having a sleep. The last thing Lauren remembered was Lexi asking her to colour with her.

“She asked Lexi for the phone to ring me and then next thing she knew, she was waiting for the ambulance with me.

“We don’t have a lock on the phone as we have games on there for Lexi. She managed to go to the call list and ring me. The previous Sunday, we’d seen she had tried to do it before.

“Lexi was quite calm, considering. I asked her where mummy was and she said: ‘She’s having a little sleep’. I told her to sit still and I would be home quite soon, where I rang for an ambulance.

“If she hadn’t have rung, I couldn’t have left work until 10pm that night. On the Saturday, Lauren had to have emergency surgery to take out her left fallopian tube.”

Chris and Lauren were left in no doubt that had Lexi not thought to ring her dad, the likelihood is her mum would not be here to tell the tale.

Chris added: “We’re completely over the moon with her and couldn’t be more proud.

“She went into school and told her teacher about what she had done. They gave her an award for being their first superhero. 

“It’s very much a ‘proud dad’ moment. We’ve told her what she’s done and people have been coming round to see Lauren telling her how brave she was.

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