West Mercia Police receive two more reports of Whitchurch non-recent abuse after BBC report

Published date: 01 June 2017 |
Published by: Barrie White
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WEST MERCIA POLICE have received two more reports of non-recent sexual abuse against a Whitchurch doctor since the BBC highlighted concerns first raised by the Herald.

A report went out on BBC’s Midlands Today last week as ‘Tom’, the first person to put allegations against the doctor on record, reissued his call for more people to come forward, as first reported in the Herald on May 3.

A spokesman confirmed two more people have added their voices to a potential police investigation – bringing the total to seven – into the allegations made against the GP, with much of the alleged abuse coming in the 1970s.

Meanwhile, a solicitor representing ‘Tom’, has praised his bravery in coming forward.

Victoria Neale, of Hudgell Solicitors, is representing ‘Tom’ and says he was able to come forward only after receiving a high level of professional help.

“Our client has been suffering psychologically,” she said after being contacted by him in September.

“He has only recently, with the support of trained professionals, been able to face his past and feel in a position to make these allegations to the relevant authorities, and inform his family.

“He has been extremely brave in doing so. His counsellor has confirmed to us that only now is he  in a position to be able to deal with this matter, and subsequently only just told his wife after 30 years of marriage.

“This is obviously a very serious investigation into allegations of repeated sexual abuse of a young boy, over a number of years, by a trusted family GP.

“Given the police have now confirmed  they are investigating other reports of possible offences, there is obviously a huge matter of public interest here.”

Ms Neale also called on potential victims to come forward as the level of support offered will help them cope.

She added: “There may be many more people out there who have, until now, felt unable to speak, as our client did.

“But there are many areas of support which can be provided to victims of sexual abuse to help them better cope with the psychological impact of having felt unable to share with others what happened to them.”

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