Welcome to Alderford Lake! Popular Whitchurch destination's new name revealed

Published date: 14 June 2017 |
Published by: Barrie White
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THE WHITCHURCH HERALD can exclusively reveal the new name for one of Whitchurch’s most popular and beautiful attractions – Alderford Lake.

The name change comes after a controversial row between Shropshire councillor Tom Biggins and his neighbours at what was formerly known as Dearnford Lake, over trademarking the name.

But Alderford owner Rob Bebbington wants to move on from the very public dispute and believes the name fits perfectly for what he and his staff offer at the lake, which will be formally re-named today.

“We have decided to turn a negative into a positive,” said Mr Bebbington.

“So we are going to rename as Alderford. The alder tree is prolific on the site, and once we saw  its attributes involved offering shelter, warmth and comfort, it seemed a natural choice.

“As Alderford is growing in popularity, we have decided to start charging for those people who simply want to walk – 50p per adult per day.

“However if you make purchases at the café or buy a plant,  your walk is free. The charge will help us to maintain the grounds, upkeep the drive and preserve the beautiful vista.

“In the light of the support we have been given, we have decided to start a membership plan which is aimed at giving benefits to regular users – such as café discount days, cheaper bonfire tickets, and free access to car boot sales to name a few.”

The alder tree, according to Mr Bebbington’s research, has the capacity to heal emotions through its links with the element of water. Legends state that alder gives spiritual protection and it was advised that if you were heading for unavoidable confrontation, you should carry some alder with you.

It is also thought that flowers from the alder tree was the source of the green dye used for outlaws such as Robin Hood, while it is also of great value to wildlife.

The official opening will take place at 1pm today, with Whitchurch-based TV vet Steve Leonard performing the honours, as a long-time supporter and user of the lake.

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